about mgg

Modern Gypsy Girl creates custom itineraries for the modern traveler, enabling you to experience a destination in a way that is curated based on your passions and interests.

Are you interested in learning new (or old!) painting techniques from local artists? Are you a foodie who wants to learn to make homemade pasta from a real Italian Nonna? A wine connoisseur? Want to visit all the locations where Roman Holiday or Game of Thrones was filmed? Explore the countryside on the back of a Vespa or in the driver seat of a luxury sports car? Make sure you are making the most of your hard-earned vacation time and get to know a place as a traveler, not a tourist.


Modern Gypsy Girl will discover who you are and what makes your heart sing by asking questions and actually LISTENING to your answers. We craft a one-of-a-kind, personalized for you itinerary that ensures you experience a destination in a way that only you could. We search for the off-the-beaten path, truly special, no tour busses allowed vendors to make sure you make the most of every moment of your journey. Then fine tune your itinerary until it is just exactly what you want
tied up in a bow.

To ensure this, we will never, not ever put you on a tour bus with 45 other people and make you follow an umbrella to see the sites. We will not copy and paste a list of "must sees" from someone else's vacation into yours. And we won't make you shower "down the hall" or stay in a boring hotel that looks looks it could be in any city in any country anywhere in the world.

If you want to just tick boxes on your list of "100 Places to Go Before You Die", a Modern Gypsy Girl itinerary is not for you.


If you want to live like a local, be adventurous, and explore the vibrant culture of a destination through the lens of what sets your heart on fire?

...we need to talk.

Meet Amy Jaye

You might call me a traditionalist with a twist; I would say I am the original Mini Cooper updated with the new technology of today. Like a traveler from a bygone era, I dress up when I get on an airplane and check my suitcase, rather than put everything in the overhead bin. But, my carry-on is filled with the latest gadgets to keep me busy and a pair of comfy socks so I can ditch my shoes. Who takes tea with cream (not milk) and espresso black, but also loves trying new flavors of kombucha and unusual craft cocktails? That’s me. And even though I love fancy food like caviar and oysters for a special occasion, there is nothing as tasty as Chicago deep dish pizza. Well, maybe cupcakes. Or a hot dog eaten in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. (Can you tell I love food?!?)  

I’ve always loved to experience things in new and clever ways, trying to get the most out of every opportunity and doing only what makes my heart sing. But when it came down to planning my trips, travel companies tried to put me in a box: take this group tour with a bunch of strangers, grab a backpack and stay in hostels, or spend a gazillion dollars on a luxury vacation. How about none of the above? Everything else in my life is personalized to my tastes, so why shouldn’t my holiday be the same?

I know I am not the only one who desires a bespoke travel experience. There is a tribe of us Modern Gypsies out there who want to experience transformative travel without the hassle of putting it all together ourselves. So after twenty years in the travel and events industries, I started Modern Gypsy Girl to help others “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life” while on holiday. No one should spend more time planning their vacation than enjoying it, and I am glad to be the person who makes this possible for my clients.