dream realization

You have decided: it is time for a holiday. You may even know where you wish to go. But do you have the time to research and book the right flights, the right boutique hotel, the perfect experiences to take your vacation over the top? And how will you know which ones are worth your hard-earned time and money? No one wants a cookie cutter vacation.

Let Modern Gypsy Girl craft your entire trip from the time you leave until the time you return, keeping your passions and interests in mind so you can concentrate on being a traveler, not just a tourist. We arrange your transportation, accommodation, itinerary, site-seeing, meal recommendations, activities, and package it all up in a bow so you can arrive and enjoy. The Dream Realization package starts at $350 per person for transportation, accommodation, and one day of activity planning.



dream inspiration

Having a difficult time deciding where to go or what to do on your vacation? Do you know you want to relax but aren’t sure what that means to you anymore? Are you trying to blend the likes and passions of multiple travelers into one trip and running into roadblocks?

We use the process of creating a vision board as a meditative, experiential practice to bring you quickly into a state of flow where your subconscious hopes, dreams, and desires can surface. This process allows you to get in touch with you – uncensored – and to take what you discover and manifest and craft your dream holiday. This package is perfect for the vacation decision-maker or group leader. The Dream Inspiration package starts at $650 and includes the items in the Dream Realization package plus the the vision board experience.

mystery getaways

Not sure where to go but ready to experience something extraordinary?
Let us choose your destination, make all the arrangements, and provide you with just a packing list. You will receive an itinerary and all the documents you need each day at breakfast but the rest is revealed as the days unfold. Ideal for the adventurous traveler - backpack not required.